Massage Program
Massage Program Enrollment Schedule
Our Next Enrollment is:
June 2024 - June 4 - Tuesday AM and June 4 - Tuesday PM
Tuesday Morning 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Tuesday Evening 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Late registration may be taken up to June 18, 2024
Massage Program Description
An Overview of our 625 contact hour program
The basic curriculum consists of a 12 month, 50 sessions, 1 day per week and select weekends per month, course of classroom training. Some of the requirements of the program that are completed during this time are reading assignments, anatomy coloring book, supervised clinical experience, home practice sessions, and an in house internship during the last 5 weeks of the program. Under the Catalog button at the top right of this page in the navigation bar you can view our School Catalog which has a detailed description of the entire program. (Note: “The Catalog is in a flipbook and .pdf format”).
Elective Classes
An enlightened part of the program is the attendance in 180 hours of elective classes. This lets the student choose electives that interest them and customize their training accordingly. The weekly sessions contain the basics of Myomassology / Massage Therapy which are the necessary building blocks of the program. The elective classes provide the student with the skills and knowledge to enhance their total education.
No Prerequisites!
It is very helpful for the student to have a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology, though it is not a requirement.
There are 6 written exams that a student must pass to meet the requirements of the course. The exams are as follows, Skeletal, Posterior Muscle, Reflexology, Anterior Muscle, Basic and Theapeutic.
Students that score below 75% on a written exam have a one time opportunity to retake the exam and achieve a passing grade. All test material is covered prior to each of the sheduled test dates.
The grading for the stated exams is by percentage.
100% - 95% = A
94% - 85% = B
84% - 75% = C
75% and below is failing
Students who desire additional help may choose to form study groups with fellow classmates or tutoring services are available. Please see your instructor for further information on tutoring services.
A Registration Fee of $25.00 is due with the enrollment application.
(Which you can find the Enrollment Application under the Application button above on the navigation bar.)
An Application / Book Fee of $500.00 is due upon the first day of class Books include - Anatomy, Theory, Practical and Binder with weekly lessons.
Weekly payments are $70.00 a week x 50 weeks totaling $3500.00 which is payable every week, every two weeks, or in monthly intervals.
Elective / Workshops, depending on which classes the students chooses, are approximately $2800.00.
Total tuition $6825.00 approximate total fee*
* Additional expenses may be required for the course. These costs may include, though not limited to such items as towels, sheets, anatomy flash cards / book, massage equipment, massage oils, etc...
You can pick up an application at our office or download an enrollment application by using Application button at the top of this page on the navigation bar under Enrollment Application.
(Note: “The Application is in a .pdf format”). Print it, fill it out and return it to our office with the registration fee.
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Registration for our classes can be submitted at any time. The deadline for registration is two weeks prior to the starting dates of class. Classes tend to fill quickly; it is highly recommended that applicants register as early as possible to secure a seat in the class of their choice.
Upon the school receiving an applicants completed registration and fee, acceptance will be determined. Applicants not accepted will have their registration fee returned to them. (Applicants are accepted without regards to race, religion, and / or sex).
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