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                               Registration for classes can be submitted at anytime. The
                               deadline for registration is two weeks prior to the starting
                               dates of class. Classes tend to fill quickly, it is highly
                               recommended that applicants register as early as possible
                               to secure a seat in the class of their choice


                               Upon the School receiving an applicants  completed
                               registration form and fee, acceptance will be determined.
                               Applicants not accepted will have their  registration fee
                               returned to them. (Applicants are accepted without regards
                               to race, religion and/or sex).


                               It is very helpful for the student to have a basic
                               understanding of human anatomy and physiology, though it
                               is not a requirement.

                                                  STUDENT CONDUCT

                                Students are to act in a mature and professional manner
                               while in attendance of the basic and/or elective classes.
                               (Also see page 13 under Dismissal).

                                              HOLIDAYS AND VACATIONS

                               Classes will not be held on the following holidays:
                               Memorial day, Independence day, Labor Day,
                               Thanksgiving or Good Friday. There are no classes
                               during the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

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