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                               An advance deposit of $25.00 for registration is due with
                               the application. Weekly tuition is payable every week, every
                               two weeks or once a month. Weekly tuition is also due
                               whether the student is present for class or not. If a student
                               does not make his/her weekly tuition payments on time,
                               and by the fourth week, payment is not made in full, you will
                               be dismissed from the program The student is expected to
                               perform a make-up class session for the time missed. In the
                               event the student requires a seperately scheduled make-up
                               session, there will be an additional $15.00 charge.
                               Transcripts, certificates, or diplomas shall not be issued to
                               a student until all financial obligations to the Healing Hands
                               Holistic Health Center School Of Massage are met.


                               Registration Fee      $25.00  due with application
                               Application Fee       $500.00 (after deadline $525.00)
                                                      due upon first day of class
                               Weekly        $70.00 total $3500.00
                                             payable every week, two week, or
                                             monthly intervals.
                               Electives     $2800.00 approximate elective fees
                               Total tuition  $6825.00 approximate total fee*

                               During the basic and elective class hours massage tables
                               and  massage oils are provided for student use in the class-

                               * Other expences may be acquired by purchases made for
                               the course. These purchases may include, though are not
                               limited to such items as towels, sheets, anatomy flash
                               cards, workbooks, massage equipment, massage oils, etc.

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